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Here at Edwards Laundry we now offer a great environmentally friendly alternative to dry-cleaning in Lagoon-cleaning. An expert service we offer across Devon and North Cornwall. We can care for a range of garments, including:

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Lagoon Cleaning

Why Choose Lagoon Cleaning?

Dry cleaning is very successful at removing difficult stains while also protecting delicate clothing from shrinking and other problems that might arise when laundered in a standard washer and dryer. Unfortunately, standard dry-cleaning uses chemicals that are potentially harmful to the environment and shorten the life of clothes.

Every year, an increasing number of people are looking for environmentally friendly alternatives to standard products and services. People increasingly seek products and services that are healthier for the environment and their health, whether it’s electric cars, alternative household cleaning products, or local, organic food. That’s where Wet-Cleaning comes in. Our customers get the same result but without the worry of the adverse effects.

Dry-Cleaning Alternative

Lagoon Cleaning is a friendlier and safer way to launder “dry-clean-only” items because it does not require the use of solvents or other hazardous chemicals. Dry-clean-only materials such as delicate wool, silk, and viscose can be safely laundered utilising the Lagoon cleaning method. A great dry-cleaning alternative.

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